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PACE TULSA AGS  is a place of access and opportunity to explore.  PACE TULSA AGS  is a brain-network.   PACE TULSA AGS  is a think-tank.  More importantly, PACE TULSA AGS is an open forum for ALL PEOPLE 18 years of age and older.

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PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION, has established National Campaign Hooks to disseminate the knowledge we have gained from our listeners all across America.  Now, we will put together interesting seminars and information presentations for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

  • Make Sure Drivers Can See You (Paint the Lines Bolder Petition)
  • Safety Education Successes (+0.8 BAC, Restrained/Unrestrained Occupants, Injury/Non-Injury Fatalities, VMT) Learning designs, Highway Safety Countermeasures)
  • One Vision 2020 (Autonomous Asynchronous Vehicles, Learning environments &
  • Pedestrian-Safety-Starts-With-Me (Fundraising Campaign)
  • Crosswalk Zone (Safety Myths and Facts, Quizzes)
  • Public Policy Bunker (Local & State Public Transportation Policies)
  • Get On BOARD (Membership & Media Outreach
  • Stop and Think…Before You Cross (Safety Training Operation Protocol STOP)

Everyone at PACE TULSA AGS  is embraced as an asset regardless of Ethnic Diversities. Anyone can use PACE TULSA AGS  as an informative resource for up-top-date information on educational opportunities within Crosswalk throughout our lives.  The best return on any investment at PACE TULSA AGS, is gauging our independent roles in the “Promise of Progress for the FUTURE.”!

All kids deserve the chance to grow up

Today, is your opportunity to help OTHERS create this “Promised Future” by answering a couple of survey questions; click-interacting, as well as, responding to build an accurate statistical register with 90,000 other Americans all over the Planet.

Get involved TODAY! Or Come Back Again…to PACE TULSA AGS  to answer a few questions; enjoy media and pictures or find significant uses for the material you can examine on our web pages.

safetysignDID YOU KNOW?

In 86% of emergency department visits for medicine poisoning, the child got into medicine belonging to a parent or grandparent. Learn More »

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