Hip-hop Artists: Information campaigns, a pedestrian awareness thing

Hip-Hop artists through vocal and visual thematic songwriting, as well as, cinematic representations have systemized "pedestrian awareness cross-cultural information campaigns.

Engaged Pedestrians

HOW DOES A NEAR-DEATH PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT FEEL? The cause of most accidents are not our fault.  Most accidents do not end in fatality. Crash survivors have the chains of death forever broken!  Soon reassurance sets into the accidental mind.  The mind is often thought out because of a reasoned sense of self-security and environmental-security.  The … Continue reading Engaged Pedestrians

Get On Board

Get On Board. In Pedestrian Awareness education is always one of the most talked about topics. How can we effectively reach Target Audiences to convey the importance of pedestrian safety? This is a short media preview of the types of subjects we cover on our site.