Empathy & Moral Outreach

“DID THE LIGHT COME ON” by Terence Morris, author and founder of PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION. October 24, 2017. 11:36 AM.

Imagine being the recipient of the Nobel Laureate Pulitzer Peace Prize because you helped warring factions of “pet lovers” and “morning joggers” by designing “a new disposable poo bag,” to be deposited into easily accessible litter receptacles all over local parks in your city. Well, congratulations you are now one of the hundreds of thousands of subscriber’s witnessing this “global citizenship revolution”.

It’s no longer enough just to be concerned about your own personal wellbeing. Now you have to become responsibly mindful of how your actions affect others. It’s no longer 1950 and “the good ole boys were just having fun urinating on the daisies in public places attitude is no acceptable.” Social change organizations, honestly care about offending public decency and actively monitors social activities in communities.” The price to pay for violating park etiquette is steep. So reader’s beware.

The best policy to “being a good neighbor… is to practice empathy. Stay alert of the things you do publicly to offend others. (Example: Picking your nose without tissue.) The worse thing that may happen is a rude comment or public humiliation. The best thing that comes out of all of this caring is a greater sense of understanding of other’s feelings.

Giving Back to your community can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

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