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What People ARe Saying…

It is our decisions under pressure more so than our abilities which build a working users community.  Inform, create an impactful diversity, bridging equity, and inclusion (DEI) programming and resources to help our diversity thrive at work.

-Christina, Business Services Development

The way to get started helping PACE TULSA NETWORK is by making sure every PACE TULSA NETWORK participant feels seen, connected, supported, and empowered to participate.

-Charlie, People Resources Coordinator

I don’t want to be at a place that shows me favor because of differences. I want to be in a place where people are comfortable to be open with me.

-Susan, Diversity & Inclusion Support


PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION is a United States online Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education “think-resource,” founded and run by Terence Morris since 2013.

PACE TULSA AGS FOUNDATION “think-resource” assists Modularism Theorist’s in identifying Health Conscious Community activities and in practicing “specificity-survey” analysis.  A Transportation Policy “stem learner system” prepares people to become “equitable-thinker’s” And to intellectually Invest Wisely in the future.