Podcast: Heart of North Tulsa to Midtown and back

From the heart of north Tulsa to midtown podcast is based on December 12, 2022 when PACE TULSA NETWORK went on typical Aero 700 BRT bus experience with the local public bus called TULSA TRANSIT. The folks at Tulsa Transit are seasoned public transportation veterans. They are professional, courteous, and passionate about organized travel.

Podcast: Share Our PTN’ Hope Fund Campaign

PTN donors care about our mission, "helping accident victims," and want to help PACE TULSA NETWORK reach our fundraising goals. Lets keep the momentum going to reach our 100,000.00 goal by 2024

From the heart of North Tulsa to Midtown Tulsa Oklahoma and back

The PACE TULSA NETWORK presents the best in public awareness and safety audio content. PTN Radio is informative and hosts relevant discussions about ideas and solutions to challenges of our time.

Podcast: Change Leadership Management

Clarifying decision rights means deciding which managers are responsible for specific decisions. If managers can start to make proper connections between performance; rewards; and decision-rights during every shift, monitoring restaurant operations will only serve to uniquely position them to succeed. Holding each shift decision-maker responsible for his or her leadership decisions is imperative.

Podcast: Advancing Civil Progress

Even though the Senate Appropriations Committee has the interests of American People in mind when voting to approve Bills and Supporting Legislature, where the money ends up going to support extremist economies is not being controlled, managed and monitored correctly in some African-American communities in the United States.