It’z Time fa’ da’ Cook Up!!

Riot Network Rap Battle Featuring Santrez "Chef Trez" Jackson and The Real Name Brandon

Hip-hop Artists: Information campaigns, a pedestrian awareness thing

Hip-Hop artists through vocal and visual thematic songwriting, as well as, cinematic representations have systemized "pedestrian awareness cross-cultural information campaigns.

UK Drill Rap: “A Progressive Take!”

U.K. Drill Rappers emotionally-charged 'spiritual religiosity" catapults the "power of reason" and "scientific observation" through another tinctured, but also fractured phase of awareness.  U.K. drill (Blackmarket roadrap) is a subgenre of rap often described as nihilistic with subversive dark undertones. 

Pipes BlazN’ Cipher: Loaded Lux

Fa’ Sho’ this article is no blow up! Not really known to publish in the Entertainment realm…This Pipes BlazN’ Cipher must be addressed. In a highly competitive Social Media climate LOADED LUX remains, one of the most photographed and written about celebrity Battle Rappers in the world.