Validity test to an aware pedestrian pre-conception

To test the validity of a preconception is established for a specific purpose; the test may not be valid for different purposes. This case examines defined references to think tanks and communal Modularism.

April Hot Topics

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Strengthening 36th St N Corridor: How Building Social Cohesion, Addressing Public Safety, and Instilling Neighborhood Pride Can Create a Thriving Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Building social cohesion, addressing public safety, and instilling neighborhood pride are all essential for creating a strong and thriving community. One area where this can be particularly important is on the Phoenix District, 36th St N historical corridor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 36th St N corridor is a vital part of the community in Tulsa, … Continue reading Strengthening 36th St N Corridor: How Building Social Cohesion, Addressing Public Safety, and Instilling Neighborhood Pride Can Create a Thriving Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Outreach Letter

We are seeking a grant of $100,000.00 to launch our re-envision Pace Tulsa AG's Foundation Hope Fund Project to cover the costs associated with administration over our public awareness campaigns and distributed educational materials medium. By focusing on public education and outreach, we believe that our foundation can be an effective tool for reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities in our communities.


A Modular Place.   A Space that is Welcoming.   A platform seeking creativity.   Hello to ALL Of My Friends, or use @TerenceFriend on Twitter TO Enter your work (poems, short stories, oratory, monologues, raps, soliloquy…etc.) I will post them for you.😉🙄🤔 Hello to ALL of My Friends, Mr. Terence & Friend’s blog on,  is … Continue reading #PTN

Get On Board, “Membership & Media Outreach:” Train Boarding Process

The train boarding process isn't hard, but here are some tips to help on your trip, beginning with what you need to know about boarding your train.

Fundraising challenges

In 2013, I was violently struck that's when PTN' started. Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education PACE TULSA NETWORK (PTN) became my "new walk." Neverending days, became Neverending nights... and the path to "valuation- transformation" also became clearer. Daily, my email box is stuffed with thousands of amazing opportunities. My life's experiences and challenges help me sort … Continue reading Fundraising challenges

Stop & Think: “Before you cross”

From the heart of North Tulsa to Midtown Tulsa Oklahoma and back

The PACE TULSA NETWORK presents the best in public awareness and safety audio content. PTN Radio is informative and hosts relevant discussions about ideas and solutions to challenges of our time.

Empower people everywhere a Home

PTN challenges you to take a leap of faith. Clear the books and recover your right of how to "Empower people everywhere to have a home.

Law enforcement agents and misdemeanor domestic violence crime assault

United States Federal law prohibits police/ Law Enforcement  Officers convicted of qualifying Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Crimes from possessing or distribution of forearms.  

Engaged Pedestrians

HOW DOES A NEAR-DEATH PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT FEEL? The cause of most accidents are not our fault.  Most accidents do not end in fatality. Crash survivors have the chains of death forever broken!  Soon reassurance sets into the accidental mind.  The mind is often thought out because of a reasoned sense of self-security and environmental-security.  The … Continue reading Engaged Pedestrians


The Patient Opioid Notification Act requires that medical practitioners discuss the addictive potential of opioid-based painkillers with their patients – and parents of minor patients – as well as discuss, when appropriate, safer non-opioid pain relief alternatives. Prior to enactment, only 18% of the participants warned patients about the risk of opioid addiction when prescribing opioids. After enactment, 95% routinely warned patients about the risk of addiction.

Intersecting Awareness

Most people feel better when they can work for something that they inherently believe in... That's why so many people get excited when visiting the website. Our organization ignites benevolence and the giving spirit by constantly reminding pedestrians that its ok to share safe spaces with others.

One World Vision, “Autonomous vehicle designs and safety countermeasures:” McKenna..

Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) was an American writer, philosopher, and ethnobotanist, who advocated paths of shamanism, and the use of hallucinogenic substances (primarily plant-based psychedelics) as a means of increasing many forms of human awareness. Terence Kemp McKenna, certainly had a way of poetically articulating his ideas.   PACETULSA involved … Continue reading One World Vision, “Autonomous vehicle designs and safety countermeasures:” McKenna..

Merry XMas

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DOT Awards Virginia $97.6 Million in Loans to Improve I-81 Infrastructure

Virginia has $97.6 million in two new low-interest federal loans to improve safety and traffic flows along its rolling Interstate 81 that cuts through rural mountain areas in a main trucking route linking southern economic areas and northeast markets.

PTN Elements

Implicit bias impacts organizations and many decision-making processes driven by leaders. Cultural intelligence, or Cultural Quotient ‘CQ’, is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. The development of CQ capabilities is critical for limiting implicit bias and its negative impact across organizations. During this leading across cultures course we will be discussing these four aspects of strategic process planning.

ALONE, BUT TOGETHER: Emotional well-being it’s your right

Space-security idealism suggests an off-centrist modular invocation deeply divided along the lines of ideology, wealth, generation, gender, tribal court systems, and highly politicized civic interests.

Everyone is a Pedestrian: Attitude assessments and professional development

Ever Thought? Maybe I could become a Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education Public Safety Advocate. Well Read this article TO LEARN ABOUT meeting with a Congress Leader IN YOUR DISTRICT.