Hip-Hop artists through vocal and visual thematic songwriting, as well as, cinematic representations have systemized “pedestrian awareness cross-cultural information campaigns.”

Plan Your Next Bus Trip with Safety in Mind

Cost effective… energy-efficient… comfortable… Bus travel is a popular option. Overall, buses are also one of the safest ways to travel. But even one crash is too many. Watch this video to learn how to Look Before You Book.

Find an interstate passenger carrier and evaluate its safety and registration information. To obtain a list, enter the Company Name or USDOT Number.

The listed location for each passenger carrier is its registered principal place of business (home office). Use the “Safety Link” to connect to a company’s specific safety webpage.

Before hiring a company you should always check the company’s registration and insurance status to verify the company is allowed to operate. Passenger carriers offering trips for-compensation across state lines in interstate commerce must be registered. To obtain and retain operating authority registration, for-hire non-exempt passenger carriers are required to keep evidence of financial responsibility on file with FMCSA. Current registration information is available on the company’s safety webpage. Specific insurance information is available through the “L&I” link on that webpage.

Transportation Engineering

DOE Deputy Secretary David Turk and Federal Highway Administration Deputy Administrator Stephanie Pollack look over EVs at the event outside DOT headquarters. (Noel Fletcher/Transport Topics)

Officials Tout Future of Electric Vehicles

A new taskforce to help guidance for states on electric vehicle charging networks was touted by DOT and DOE leaders as they promoted clean energy plans.

Crash Injury Research

Woman dies after 7-vehicle crash earlier this week on Tucson’s east side | Local news |


The CIREN process combines prospective data collection with professional multidisciplinary analysis of medical and engineering evidence to determine injury causation in every crash investigation conducted.

The mission of the CIREN is to improve the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of motor vehicle crash injuries to reduce deaths, disabilities, and human and economic costs.

Physicians and engineers are on the threshold of using new technologies to apply information from crash sensors to achieve faster and smarter emergency medical treatment of crash victims. We are working together to develop new safety technologies such as better air bags and Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) to reduce the incidence, severity, consequences, and costs of crash injuries. NHTSA’s CIREN centers are now providing the nation with its most detailed medical and engineering analyses of serious injuries occurring in real world crashes. CIREN crash injury data and analyses are growing each year and are being organized by NHTSA into a powerful scientific knowledge base. The result is an increasingly useful research resource for discovering and defining opportunities to reduce the tragedies of deaths, injuries, disabilities and human suffering.

Intersection Safety

FHWA is committed to the vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on the Nation’s roadways. Strategies to address intersection safety are diverse, and quite often a combination of strategies is needed to truly solve a problem. This web page contains information on many intersection safety topics, including intersection safety data, the choice of appropriate intersection designs, and specific intersection safety countermeasures.


Logistics firms, which are involved in the movement, storage, and flow of goods, have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an integral part of value chains, both within and across international borders, logistics firms facilitate trade and commerce and help businesses get their products to customers. Supply chain disruptions to the sector caused by the pandemic could, therefore, impact competitiveness, economic growth, and job creation.

[May 19, 2022- The International Finance Corporation (IFC) supports the development of transportation infrastructure in emerging markets through investment and advisory services, including public-private partnerships (PPPs)]

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