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What Happens When Police Pull Over a Driverless Vehicle? Watch.

Creator: metamorworks | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Who gets a ticket in a driverless car? It turns out no one does, the San Francisco Police learned recently.

Earlier this month, a pedestrian caught sight of a Cruise autonomous vehicle getting pulled over by San Francisco Police because its headlights weren’t on, took video and posted it on Instagram.

The footage posted April 2 shows a cruiser pulling behind the shuttle after pulling it over. As an officer gets out of the police car and walks toward the Cruise vehicle, a voice can be heard saying, “Ain’t nobody in it.”

Legislation aimed at incentivizing individuals to join the trucking workforce was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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USPS EV Analysis Faulty, Rep. Maloney Says

Kelly Yamanouchi
 | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

April 14, 2022 4:07 PM, EDT

Amazon, UPS’ Biggest Customer, Is Also Its Biggest Competitive Threat

UPS Inc. and its brown delivery trucks have ruled American streets for decades.

But Amazon, UPS’ largest customer and competitor, could overtake the Sandy Springs, Ga.-based company as the nation’s largest package carrier this year.

The rivalry traces its roots to the 2013 holidays, when a meltdown of the UPS shipping network led to millions of gifts ordered not arriving in time for Christmas. Amazon issued gift cards and refunds to mollify angry customers — and rapidly built out a home delivery network so it wouldn’t have to rely so much on UPS.

The high-stakes competition is one more striking example of how West Coast tech titans are disrupting traditional industries and pressuring old economy stalwarts to reinvent themselves or risk being left in the rearview mirror.

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Going “Beyond Compliant” with Fleetworthy’s next-generation intelligent compliance platform, The CPSuite

corporate logo of LG Electronics

Program Airs: April 21, 2021

Managing compliance is critical in a landscape of nuclear verdicts and company-crushing audit violation penalties.  Fleet worthy understands this and built their next-generation compliance software platform to help manage risk, automate and track DOT / FMCSA required data and process, and provide integrated data analytics for intelligent action and decision making. 

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