Unlocking the Power of Design: Enhancing Visual Appearance and Placemaking for Engaging, Vibrant Spaces

The historical Phoenix District corridor on 36th St N in Tulsa Oklahoma has been a hub of local commerce and community for generations. However, over the years, the area has suffered from a lack of investment and attention, leaving it with a somewhat rundown appearance.

Fortunately, there are several ways that we can enhance the visual appearance and place making in the Phoenix District. By doing so, we can breathe new life into this important part of the city, attracting visitors and residents alike.

One important step in enhancing the district’s appearance is through landscaping and exterior maintenance. By cleaning up the area, planting new trees and flowers, and improving the overall appearance of buildings and sidewalks, we can make the Phoenix District a more visually appealing place to visit and spend time.

Another important aspect of place making is creating inviting spaces for community members to gather and socialize. This can be achieved through the addition of public art, seating areas, and other features that make the district a more welcoming and accessible place for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Moreover, we can also consider active transportation such as bike lanes and wider sidewalks to encourage more people to walk, bike or even skate through the Phoenix District. This not only poses as an attraction but also helps promote a more sustainable and eco-friendly community.

In addition, featuring the area’s unique culture, history, and local businesses through events and branding can help bring attention and economic development within the area. By highlighting the district’s identity in a positive way, we can attract a diverse group of people to the area, supporting and uplifting the local community.

As the Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership, seeks to enhance the visual appearance and place making in the historical Phoenix District it is also a vital component in revitalizing and rejuvenating this important area in Tulsa. By leveraging the area’s natural and cultural assets, we can create an inviting, sustainable, and thriving community that can attract visitors from around the world while retaining its unique identity.


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