Envision Commanche Project Breaking the Housing Crisis by Encouraging Sustainable and Affordable Housing Development

As populations continue to grow, cities and towns face the challenge of providing adequate housing for their residents. With rising housing costs and limited availability, there is a need for increased housing development.

Encouraging housing development is essential for creating thriving communities. Here are a few ways that cities and towns can promote the development of new residential properties:

  1. Streamlined zoning and building regulations

An overly complex and burdensome regulatory environment can be a significant barrier for developers. Simplifying the zoning and building regulations can make it easier and quicker for developers to get their projects approved and built.

  1. Incentives for developers

Providing incentives such as tax breaks or fast-track approvals can encourage developers to invest in housing projects in your city or town. This can also help to boost economic growth by creating more jobs.

  1. Collaborate with developers

City officials should work with developers to understand their needs and help them navigate the regulatory landscape. This collaboration can help to identify and address any roadblocks that may arise during the development process.

  1. Mixed-use developments

Mixed-use developments, which combine retail, office, and residential spaces in the same building or area, can be an effective way to create vibrant and walkable neighborhoods. This type of development can also help to reduce traffic and encourage sustainable transportation options.

  1. Encourage affordable housing

Affordable housing is essential for creating a diverse and inclusive community. Cities and towns can partner with developers to include affordable housing units in new developments or provide financing options that make it easier for developers to build affordable housing.

Encouraging housing development is vital for creating vibrant and sustainable communities. By streamlining regulations, providing incentives, collaborating with developers, encouraging mixed-use developments, and promoting affordable housing, cities and towns can help to address the ongoing challenge of providing adequate housing for their residents.

The Envision Comanche project is a $190M multi-year investment that will transform the identified portion of the 36th Street North corridor into a mixed-use, mixed-income community.

Ensuring a one-for-one replacement of all existing apartments and right-to-return for residents at Comanche Park.

A Tulsa Housing Authority property, with an end goal of highlighting, enhancing and improving economic opportunity and prosperity within this neighborhood of North Tulsa.


18 month resident and community-led planning process concludes with THA Board approval of Master Plan.

Early Action Highlight with implementation of new bus route from Comanche Park to Walt Whitman elementary.


Predevelopment and due diligence work initiated with zoning, preliminary platting, surveying and environmental studies completed.

Initial designs for Phase I initiated. Early Action Highlight with delivery of Wifi Hotspots to Comanche Park families in partnership with the Birth Through Eight Strategy for Tulsa (BEST)


Procurement of Urban Strategies, Inc, and supportive services partner, and Pennrose, LLC, as co-developer, in preparation for a fiscal year 2021 HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Implementation Grant application.

Early Action Highlight with reopening of Comanche Resource Center to host a 30-agency partner/resource fair and the completion of fresh residence assessment.


Submission of the CNI Implementation Grant Application in February 2022. Projected award timeframe of July 2022.

Submission of HUD Demolition application, with projected approval date of May 2022.

Continued resident and partner engagement. Upon award, initiation of predevelopment for Phase I housing.

Upon approval, phase 1 demolition to start in October 2022.


January 2023 is financing application submission for Phase I with target construction start of application submitted in June with target Phase II demolition projected to start in October 2023.

August 2023. Initial tenant relocation efforts initiated. Phase II financing construction in May 2024, Phase II demolition projected to start in October 2023.


Initiate phase II of tenant relocation and phase III of demolition. Submit Phases III and IV financing applications with target to initiate construction for phase III in October.


Initiate phase III of tenant relocation, and initiate lease-up of Phase I new construction. Submit phases V and Cl financing applications with construction for phase V in October.


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