Strengthening 36th St N Corridor: How Building Social Cohesion, Addressing Public Safety, and Instilling Neighborhood Pride Can Create a Thriving Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Building social cohesion, addressing public safety, and instilling neighborhood pride are all essential for creating a strong and thriving community.

One area where this can be particularly important is on the Phoenix District, 36th St N historical corridor in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The 36th St N corridor is a vital part of the community in Tulsa, connecting important neighborhoods and businesses. However, like many urban areas, it faces its share of challenges, including crime, neglect, and disinvestment. Building social cohesion, addressing public safety, and instilling neighborhood pride are all key to revitalizing this important corridor and creating a stronger, safer, and more vibrant community.

One way to build social cohesion is to create opportunities for people to come together and connect. This can include events like block parties or community clean-ups, as well as more formal structures like neighborhood associations or community councils. By bringing people together around a shared goal or interest, these initiatives can help build a sense of community, foster trust and understanding, and encourage people to work together towards a common goal.

People having a party with balloons, hats and horns.

Addressing public safety is also crucial for building a strong and healthy community. This can involve initiatives like increasing police presence, improving street lighting, or offering community education programs on crime prevention. By making the 36th St N corridor a safer place, residents and visitors alike can feel more secure and confident in the community, making it a more attractive place to live, work, and visit.

Instilling neighborhood pride is an important way to encourage residents to invest in their community and take pride in their surroundings. This can be done through initiatives like community beautification programs, street art projects, or cultural events that celebrate the unique heritage and identity of the neighborhood. By creating a sense of pride and ownership, residents will feel more connected to their community and more invested in its success.

Building social cohesion, addressing public safety, and instilling neighborhood pride are all critical components of creating a strong and thriving community on the 36th St N corridor. By coming together around a shared vision for the future of the neighborhood, residents, businesses, and community leaders can work together to create a vibrant and inclusive community that benefits everyone who calls it home.


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