ALONE, BUT TOGETHER: Emotional well-being it’s your right

ALONE, BUT TOGETHER: Emotional well-being it’s your right

The Safe Space Movement

Space-security idealism suggests an off-centrist modular invocation deeply divided along the lines of ideology, wealth, generation, gender, tribal court systems, and highly politicized civic interests. Tulsa, Oklahoma, and surrounding communities are constantly evolving value space security ideologies cultivating evolutionary awareness of real-life human mind frailties built into our human brains. It doesn’t take a significant amount of force to cause an injury to the human skull and brain. Rogue vigilantism can compromise human safety and the skull and human brains, and our human minds must always be secure; Including during traditions of social integration.

Cancel Culture

City leaders must continue to provide safe spaces with inclusive environments for people of any race, gender, sexuality, class, and ability that can find security, understanding, and trust while escaping the pressures of “cancel culture” in safe spaces with inclusive environments. The idea that a person can be “canceled” — in other words, culturally blocked or banned from a public platform or career — is polarizing cancel culture.

Canceling someone is a familiar pattern: If “others” do or say something offensive, swift public backlash, often fueled by politically progressive social media networks, happens, lives are changed forever or worse — destroyed. The ultimate aim, it seems, is to turn gathering places into safe spaces where adults are shielded from words, ideas, and the people that make them feel uncomfortable.

The Safe Space Movement pundits seek to punish microaggressions that coddle with that aim. Culture must think twice before speaking up is not an accidental policy mandate; charges of insensitivity, aggression, and obstruction help create the necessity of disease prevention and health-conscious communities. It is terrifying power and self-deprecating energies leading to cell tissue, muscle, and molecular degeneration.

Practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Practicing cognitive behavioral therapy, avoiding unhealthy emotional biases, infected biological agents, and exercising precaution are only some of the suggested activities involved in achieving self-constitution, self-economy, and self-expression. Everyday continued application; inserting objective-critical thinking techniques; establishing commonality amongst community members who share the same passions to change their situations. Guarded space teaches others to think in very different ways that affect our professions and often require intellectual engagement with people and ideas that seem uncongenial or wrong.

An organizational culture devoted to guarded space-security, policing speech, and degrading separatist voices is likely to forge patterns of thought identified by cognitive behavioral therapists as causes of depression and anxiety.

Social Integration

Social integration is the process during which newcomers or minorities incorporate into the social structure of the host society then it is possible to achieve shared gathering place safe-space security with minimal control. Social, economic, and identity integration contribute newcomer experiences in the receiving culture. Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us to work on career problems while also more poignantly leading healthy lives. Using mental and physical power to battle against space intruders has made all of us feel welcome into this new way of life: I call it social integration, others have called it the Safe Space Movement.

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